New York-based arts publisher Triple Canopy has been known for innovative, horizontally-scrolling web publishing formats since its launch in 2008. (Our first effort was a finalist for a National Magazine Award in General Excellence Online in 2009.) Alongslide was the third such platform developed internally, this time crowd-funded, applying the learnings of the first two to facilitate the production of sophisticated, parallax-like web layouts. I interviewed editors and worked in close collaboration with Creative Director Caleb Waldorf and a team of designers and technologists to ensure that this effort satisfied the needs of the magazine’s many writers and artists: attractive, readable text in column layouts; undistracted, full-bleed imagery; integration with social and A/V media. I then developed a novel syntax enabling editors to produce these advanced media layouts in a web pure-text editor online. Since then, Triple Canopy has published dozens of feature projects with the tool and continues to use it prominently.

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